Feel Good First and Then Your Startup Succeeds

I read this tweet by Daniel today:

And I think we all observe this in our lives, more or less. We always try to plan our future, but looking back, it never went as we planned.

So, when we agree that we can't plan our life long-term, how can we create a good future for ourselves?

I think the answer in the startup community has been to work hard and push through. But when Twitter asks Daniel how did he determine whether his current path was right for him, he answers:

"Mostly gut feeling. A combination of: motivation, lack of anxiety, excitement, minimal procrastination, etc."

He didn't say struggle, push through, and think constantly how to succeed. Daniel's comment felt more like take it easy, have fun, and be excited.

So, doesn't this mean that if you want to succeed with your startup you should make feeling good your first priority? Only then can you feel the excitement and be motivated to work on your product.

The suggestion is to feel good first

Like Jeff commented on Daniel's tweet:

"I was reflecting on this today. Went for a drive. I really don’t know what I am going to do next. It is uncomfortable and I feel lost frequently."@elektronenjager

What can the suggestion be here? I don't know anything about this person, so what could I possibly suggest? Even people close to this person can't suggest the exact steps this person should take.

Only the person himself can know this. But as we saw from the comment, he doesn't know what the next step is right now.

And so, isn't the only reasonable thing to suggest here to find ways to feel good instead of "uncomfortable and lost"?

Of course it's fine to feel "uncomfortable and lost," but when we keep feeling that we can't move forward. Instead, when we take it as a sign that we want to change something, and find ways to feel good, we can move on and create a better life for ourselves.

Doesn't it make sense?

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