The future of tech is freelance

I don't want to work for one company for 10 years. Instead, I want to work 20h per week for one, and 10h for another while spending more time on my side projects or outside of work.

Here are some of the reasons why I think freelancing is a growing trend in tech:

1. Company independence

With the recent tech layoffs, people see now more than ever that there's no reason to be loyal to one company only. You can be laid off on any day. It's a business transaction – you provide your services and the company pays.

So, instead of investing 10 years of your life working for one company, wouldn't it make more sense to work on multiple projects and build a strong personal portfolio in the process?

2. Location independence

The whole conversation about remote work. Some companies support it big, some not at all. And they change their minds all the time.

When freelancing, no company can say to you that you must come to the office. You are your own boss and you decide for yourself.

Of course, work is not the only factor – some of us have kids who go to school or there's something else that ties us with a specific location – it's still one of the most important aspects.

3. Async communication

Too many meetings without a clear goal. Chatting on Slack all day and not getting any deep work done. People are getting tired of giving their whole day to work.

While there are projects where you still need to communicate with an existing team, freelancing is more goal-oriented than a full-time job and lets you communicate more flexibly.

4. More excitement

It can be hard to be excited about the same product for a long period of time. And I think people – seeing that the whole life is not about work and money – are starting to make excitement an important part of their lives. Then, not only are your results better but also your life is more fun.

My friend asked me to freelance

I made a project for my friend a few years ago and now he asked if I could help improve it. This instantly brought up a vision I had some years ago when walking on a beach.

What I saw was a platform not much different from LinkedIn but where people would come to do actual freelance work:

Now, when my friend offered me a freelance gig, it feels like an opportunity to start building the platform.

HTML-first startup

I started drafting what it could look like. I would first see it as a feed of tasks I've completed with the time I spent on them and how much money I made.

At this point, it's just an HTML page and I intend to keep it that way for now. When I complete a new task, I'll just write some HTML to add it.

What's next?

I will continue freelancing for my friend and build the platform in the process.

You can follow me on Twitter where I share my completed tasks with the money I make together with updates about building the new freelancer platform.