Launching JobBoardKit

I'm in the process of launching a separate SaaS startup based on my remote jobs platform Remote Hunt which allows anyone who wants to run a niche job board using my platform.

If you're curious how much money these kind of job boards can make, I just recently wrote a blog post about 3 remote job boards making $200k - $1.4M per year.

Working on Remote Hunt

I continue to work on Remote Hunt – a website that helps people find their next remote team to join.

Working on MakeHub

I'm working on a new version of my old website MakeHub that I launched 2 years ago.

It started out as a simple list of micro-startups, but then I turned it into a complicated monster (a set of tools to launch your product) and soon lost my interest and it faded away.

This time I intend to keep it very simple! Check it out and let me know what you think!